Corp life is the platform to share with you all real corporate life experiences issues along with best solution to conquer them. We at corp life trying to cover all aspect of corp life issues that we all faced in our daily corporate life and finds no solution. Corp life is purely our blog section where we focus widely three niche which are health, lifestyle and corporate life issues. Here at Corp Life we try to cover all the topics of all these three niche.


In lifestyle we cover interest, opinion, behaviour and behaviour orientation


In health section we cover prevlent diseases to cure them properly to enhance your lifestyle.


In corporate issues we covers all the corporate life problems with best solution to handle them.


In personality enhancer we cover personal, motivational, personality development areas.

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At Corp life, we try to cover all lifestyle, health, corporate life issues with change agents articles to lead your life toward a better life. Our efforts is to provide the best, concrete, correct information to our readers and make a lifelong connection of trust.  At corp life we share realistic, motivational, pragmatic experiences that everyone should adapt in their daily life.

This will help you become more stronger and have a strong mindset. We at Corp life platform believes  that “The Bigger the Challenge, The bigger is opportunity to grow” and for that you need to keep yourself motivated.

 We have gathered few tips and tricks which will help you a lot.

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Sandeep Bhardwaj started his remarkable journey from Pune. He want to reshape the concept of PR agency through his passion and capabilities. He is a mechanical engineer. He has done his masters in Marketing and Finance. He is a renowned blogger. He writes about Health & Lifestyle. Additionally, he has also fond of  writing about corporate life issues. He is effortlessly working to revolutionised PR agency concept.